Kapat Ikon
Board Chairman and CEO's Message

R. Serkan Aktaş
Board Chairman

Dear stakeholders,

We are leaving behind a year which has been extremely challenging for everyone. This period, in which the economic and social life all over the world have been substantially affected, has radically changed many habits and ways of doing business.

During the pandemic, we have all witnessed a rapid change in all areas of our lives, caused by the global health crisis.

We are now in a period dubbed as the "new normal". The pandemic has accelerated digitalization in all areas. This will undoubtedly be a period in which those who adapt to change, who can act quickly and who are innovative will come to the fore, and that reveals the necessity of being much more dynamic than before in order to survive in the competition.

With this awareness, as Aktaş Holding, we have become one of the most prepared companies for the new normal. We are acting with the vision of being the pioneer of the global sector by blending the strength we have gained from our deep-rooted corporate history of more than 80 years with our innovative and value creation approach.

Especially as a company that has always steered technology in the sector, we have managed to get effective results by making investments in digitalization and making use of our ability to take rapid action.

In this regard, we aim to continue our technology development-oriented works without any interruption. At the same time, we are aware of the importance of qualified workforce.

As effective, efficient and highly competitive business and production models come to the fore with the pandemic, when we consider the business and production structures of the future, we see that a more qualified and flexible workforce resource has emerged.

Therefore, as in the past, we will continue to take all these factors into account from a holistic point of view and make our best efforts to carry Aktaş Holding to the future in the best possible way.

Best regards,


İskender Ulusay
Aktaş Holding Chief Executive Officer

Dear Stakeholders of Aktaş Holding,

The Covid-19 epidemic, which has been raging all across the world, has had great effects on both social life and the global economy.

The radical change of the long-held habits caused by the pandemic also makes itself felt in the business life.

The epidemic has also led to significant transformations into the ways of working in the future and developments in digitalization and automation.

While the current crisis environment has rapidly changed the existing paradigms at the global level, we are seeing an environment in which those who can adapt to change and who are agile win in the business world.

Therefore, these will be the most important keys to success in the new normal. In other words, in the new normal, as in the past, companies that act innovatively, develop and spread new technologies and develop their workforce to adapt to this will have a competitive advantage in the market.

As Aktaş Holding, we have focused since day one on taking initiatives that will turn the crisis into an opportunity by taking the right steps during the pandemic by applying the necessary measures urgently.

As a global brand that operates all over the world, we have developed digital marketing and online sales activities for opportunities in different geographies, and we have turned to business development for complementary products with international collaborations.

At this point, we continue to build a sustainable future with the vision of being a company that produces the technologies of the future by supporting our innovative perspective with our ability to be agile in the face of changes.

In this respect, as Aktaş Holding, we will continue to strive for our goals with approaches that will add value to the sector and the global economy, especially to our country.

Best regards,


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