May 31 - World No Tobacco Day

Smoking is surely one of the most harmful factors that threaten the health of society in our country and world. Smoking is identified by the World Health Organization as the fastest spreading and the longest lasting epidemic in the world. It is observed that the number of smokers in developed countries decreases every day while it becomes a chronic problem in developing countries like Turkey.

Researches clearly indicate that smoking is the direct trigger of more than 50 diseases. Smoking is harmful for the health of families and society and also has many negative effects on family budget and national economy.

May 31 is celebrated with various activities as ‘World No Tobacco Day’ in Turkey and in the world every year to create social awareness about the harmful effects of smoking which causes many health problems such as lung cancer, vascular occlusion, dental and palate disorders, high blood pressure etc.

On the occasion of May 31 World No Tobacco Day, we should always remember that our basic duty is to fight against smoking, which is the biggest enemy for the health of people and society, and to create a 'Smoke-Free Zone’.

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