Aktaş Holding attracted intense interest at Turkey's First High School Auto Festival

Aktaş Holding frequently comes together with educational and training institutions as part of the events organized and has recently attended Turkey’s first high school auto festival (Otofest) together with students in Bursa.


Automotive Industry Exporters Union Vocational & Technical Anatolian High School that was established by Uludağ Automotive Industry Exporters Union (OİB) organized Otofest, a career days event on vocational high school level, in order to meet the need for qualified workforce, which is the biggest need and obligation for the automotive industry. Aktaş Holding came together with students at its stand during 2 days.


Aktaş Holding CEO and Board Member Sami Erol, Human Resources Manager Gökmen Turan and Human Resources Expert Gülver Şen participated in this event that was organized by OİB MTAL, which is Turkey’s first automotive high school and attended by key representatives of automotive sector in Bursa on May 17-18. The event was aiming to draw attention to the importance of vocational education.


Workshop tent activities, various information seminars, CV preparation techniques, job interviews and conversations were made during the event. Aktaş Holding CEO and Board Member Sami Erol indicated that the event was very useful for Aktaş Holding and that they were very happy with the interest of students that visited Aktaş stand during 2 days.


“Competency Acquisition is Very Important”


Mr. Erol underlined that students should always improve their professional and personal development before they join business life and it is possible to move ahead of others thanks to competency acquisition. He also added that this type of events that are organized by the cooperation of educational institutions and industry provide useful results.


Sami Erol indicated that the first edition of Otofest will hopefully be beneficial for Bursa and our country and wished success to all students.

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