Ak-İzo Provided Information to DSİ Workers in Ankara about EPDM Products

Ak-İzo, a part of Aktaş Holding Building Group, continues to provide information to all stakeholders in various meetings that are held inland and abroad in respect of high-quality EPDM membrane products which are produced by the company and which make contributions to our country and sector.


A range of introduction and information meetings were held in Ankara in respect of the EPDM products that are developed by Ak-İzo by using advanced R&D activities and equipped by new generation technology and that are used to provide sealing in the construction of dams, ponds and channels and their application fields.


The event was held at the Meeting Room of DSİ 5th Regional Directorate and chaired by Mahmut Dündar, Ankara DSİ 5th Regional Director and attended by Assistant Regional Directors Sezai Kavurmacı and Şeref Dağdelen and Branch Directors and relevant technical personnel.


“Praise for Ak-İzo”


It was emphasized in the meeting that EPDM products, which are used in water structures in the areas where there is no or there is insufficient number of necessary filling materials for sealing, have been started to be used in many regions in our country in recent years. At this point, Ak-İzo received praises due to its contributions to our country and sector and due to high quality products.

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