File Issue: Export-Oriented Production Concept

The sustainable successes of national or international enterprises as well as their level of added value created as part of their activities and all activities that include steps for export provide significant data for the enterprise to achieve its future targets.

While it is evident that companies should continuously focus on future not the past, in ever-globalizing new world and economic order; it is very important that particularly the enterprises that are dependent on their production infrastructure in any sector should present their products and services to national or international markets efficiently.

It is proven by many examples that the companies that plan all operational and strategic initiatives of the enterprise in a way that will increase export in line with institutionalism principle achieve significant global successes.

Accordingly, as part of essential growth strategies for companies; taking rapid steps that will increase export and exporting innovative products that meet the needs, demands and expectations of clients in today’s world where knowledge dominates are crucial for companies to stay strong in the market.

Quality management process is one of the decisive factors that directly determine the perception of clients and stakeholders in the markets where brands operate. In this regard, while global companies that operate in the framework of institutionalism aim to take initiatives that will increase export on the journey to the future, they should have a holistic perspective from brand culture, quality management processes and social awareness to product and service development strategies.

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