Aktas Holding 'Continuity Awards' are granted to their Owners

The awarding systems, which was realized in order to contribute to the motivation of the employees and with which the 3-month period was assessed, is continuing at full speed.

45 employees without any discontinuity within the relevant period “Continuity Awards” and “Thank-You Certificates” were granted through the participation of production managers, within the body of Aktas Holding, according to the assessments based on the months of July – August and September.

Greetings from Sami Erol

Sami Erol, who is the Chief Executive Officer and Board Mamber of Aktas, made brief statement after the reward presentation ceremony that war held through the participation of Production Managers, he stated that the rewarding system provided highly fruitful results, and he celebrated by heart all the employees who acted in full responsibility conscience throughout the months of July, August and September and who was at their duties for 3 months, and had the right to be granted with the reward.

Aktas Employees, who obtained their rewards, drawn the attention that the rewarding system was an extra motivation for them, and that they are very satisfied through the reward and Thank-You Certificate they are granted.

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