Aktaş Holding held an event for Working Mothers on "Mother's Day"

Aktaş Holding, a company that sets an example due to its awareness of social matters, is continuing to hold various events on special days and weeks.


Aktaş Holding brought together all female workers on the occasion of Mother’s Day and ensured them to have an enjoyable day and put emphasis on the value that it gives to mothers, which are the most valuable asset of family, due to this special day.


All working mothers of Aktaş attended the Mother’s Day event organized by Aktaş Holding in the social area at its facility located in the Organized Industrial Zone and those working for the event were very happy.


Aktaş mothers were very excited to receive the special gifts prepared by Aktaş Holding for the Mother’s Day, had enjoyable conversations during 1 hour and took lots of photos.

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