Uludağ University Automotive Engineering Students Presented a "Thank You Plaque" to Aktaş Holding

Automotive Community students (Uludag Racing) at Uludağ University Automotive Engineering Department hosted an event at Uludağ University for all companies and organizations that supported them in the development process of Formula type race cars, which were completely designed by these students, and also at worldwide Formula SAE Competition.


The cars which were completely designed by students represented our country successfully at international, interuniversity Formula races. Aktaş Holding Vice Board Chairman R. Serkan Aktaş attended the event that was organized by students to thank the companies and organizations that supported them at races and in production and development processes of the cars.


Automotive Community team made a presentation about the development processes of the cars and their performances in the races. Aktaş Holding was presented a ‘thank you plaque’ due to its support. The award was received by R. Serkan Aktaş who sincerely celebrated students for their successful performance.


“We will Continue to Support Students”


Mr. Aktaş indicated that the cars developed with the personal efforts of university students are very successful and honored the students that struggled for such valuable developments and added that Aktaş Holding will continue to provide support to these kinds of special projects created by students as much as possible.


At the end of the event, Mr. Aktaş checked the Formula type car developed by students and received detailed information from the students about the development and production processes of the car.

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