Sami Erol Preface

Dear Esteemed Colleagues,

As Aktaş Holding, we are directly exporting our products to all regions in the world and creating significant added value in the sector we serve. Our basic goal ever since our establishment is to standardize our products and services as part of excellence and to rapidly export innovative products to all markets where we are operating on global level.

Accordingly, Aktaş Holding focuses on the development of innovative, state-of-the-art technology products and strives to effectively present these products to clients in highly-competitive international markets.

Because it has strong and fully-integrated awareness as combined by R&D-oriented development strategies in integration with the existing deep-rooted corporate culture, sustainable successes and quality principles of Aktaş Holding that is aiming to achieve excellence.

While we export our products to all geographies in the world, from Germany to Brazil, from the USA to China; we act in full compliance with our corporate culture and maintain our operations by correctly analyzing and meeting the needs of expectations of the future.

Aktaş Holding, which places importance to continuous improvement culture, strives to ensure productivity in all operational and strategic activities and has managed to strengthen our export-oriented production model thanks to the increase in production capacity after the launch of our new production facility in Bursa Organized Industrial Zone in early 2016.

We have positively updated our targets for 2016 and subsequent years thanks to this increase of capacity and we are proud of making significant contributions to the automotive industry, which assume a locomotive role for the national economy.

As Aktaş Holding, we are focused not only on making economic gains but also on performing social awareness activities and fulfilling the requirements of the principle of ‘local sincerity’ in the geography where we are operating, with our same passion on the first day of our incorporation.

Best Regards,


Aktaş Holding CEO and Board Member

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