3rd of December- The International Handicapped Day

The 3rd of December is an important day that has been recognized by the United Nations as the International Handicapped Day in 1992.

Various awareness campaigns are organized on the 3rd of December every year in order to raise the standard of living of handicapped individuals on the world scale and to raise social awareness in this issue.

It is necessary to take the steps that will enable every part of the society to support efforts for bringing the handicapped individuals in the community throughout the world and provide all their living rights at an equal level with other people and facilitate lives of the handicapped in each field carefully.

Every healthy person should act without forgetting that he is a candidate handicapped as well and everyone has great responsibilities for a society in which not only physical barriers but also barriers in the minds have been removed.

In this sense, all unhindered hearts celebrate the 3rd of December International Handicapped Day; we wish them a happy and successful life.

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