5th of December- World's Women Rights Day

As in every society, women have an important place in the Turkish society. Since the date when the law giving the "Right to Elect and Be Elected to Women" was adopted in 1934, the 5th of December is celebrated as the “Women Rights Day” with various events in our country every year.

Turkey is among the first countries of the world which gave this right to women. Such that Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk gave very great importance to family adopted by him as the core of the Turkish society and to the Turkish woman whom he defined as the pole of the family.

With the 82nd Anniversary of the 5th of December World Women Rights Day and the granting of the right to elect and be elected to the Turkish woman, we believe that women should take part in each field of life under equal and fair conditions without being exposed to any discrimination and heartily congratulate the World Women Rights Day of all women.

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