Preface: Aktas Holding brings Future Technologies to the Present

Dear Stakeholders,

Today's world where information becomes a priority witnesses an incredible speed in terms of technological developments especially at the beginning of the 2000s.

This rapid transformation process experienced in technology also brings the necessity of adaptation with this transformation both in terms of firms and individuals no doubt.

Businesses must closely follow up technological developments while they continue to carry out their current business processes and are obliged to be responsive to customer demands at the same speed in line with this development.

While effective and result-focused use of technology is confronted by us as a necessity for businesses in the increasingly varying and accelerating working life, it is often seen that firms that focus on the future in a global competitive environment are beginning to hold the front lines of information and technology.

Since its inception, Aktas Holding has adopted the mission of being the "pioneer of change and transformation" in its sector and continues to add value to its customers and global economy by making the best use of all the blessings of technology with its production model with the priority of R & D and Innovation.

Our company, which always aims at excellence, has the ability to produce the fastest and most effective solution to the expectations thanks to its strong structuring despite the rapidly changing market / customer demands at global level.

Adopting the development strategies with the priority of information and technology, Aktas Holding takes steps keep the future in the forefront all the time at the point of developing innovative products and strives to fulfill all the requirements of being a "global player of the sector" with its environment-friendly and energy-efficient products.

In this sense, as Aktas Holding, we aim at continuing to invest in high quality and technology in a determined manner with our innovative face focusing on the future with every moment and continuing to provide added value to our community and global economy.

Best Regards,



Aktas Holding CEO and Board Member

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