The applications to success scholarships of Aktaş Education Foundation has started

Aktaş Education Foundation, established to perform corporate social responsibility projects in the organization of Aktaş Holding continues her supports to the young talents.

Aktaş Education Foundation which was established by Aktaş Holding to realize the sustainable social responsibility projects which add value to the society and compatible with the nature by Aktaş Holding which is among the biggest companies of the world in the air suspension system production continues to realize the projects for talented young. 

Aktaş Education Foundation which perfoms a lot of projects continued by people model in their areas such as Erden Eruç who completed the world tour with muscle power as well as active projects in the area of education takes sides with the youth with scholarship opportunities from the period she was established to today. 

Within this frame, the applications for the scholarships to be given in the 2014 - 2015 period by the Aktaş Holding Education Foundation continue with full speed.

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