"Vitamin C" Supplement to Aktas Holding Personnel

While mandarin distribution was made to the personnel of Aktas Holding which is among the top firms of the world in production of air suspension system under an organization arranged by a private firm, the firm directors informed Aktas personnel about significance of fruit consumption and vitamins.

Bursa, 24.09.2014 - Aktas Holding, which is the leader in Turkey and is one of the top three firms in the world in the sector of air suspension bellows hosted the directors of the firm Tazedirekt which offers fresh and daily foods to users at appropriate prices on the internet.

The directors of the firm, who distributed Mandarin, being a vitamin C reservoir, to Aktas Holding personnel, shared important information with the personnel in respect of importance of fruit consumption and the issues required to be considered for meeting vitamin requirement.

The directors who also made Aktas personnel the members of the website on which they offer service to users expressed their great satisfaction for the warm interest of the employees.

Such organizations arranged for its personnel by Aktas Holding, meeting its personnel with tastes from the global kitchens in certain periods, shall also continue on the following days.

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