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Aktas Holding targets a turnover of $ 250 million in the next 5 years

Bursa, 24.01.2019 - Aktas Holding, which is one of the biggest companies of the world in air suspension system production and realizes export to more than 100 countries, organized a Gala Dinner with the participation of the city protocol due to the 80th anniversary of its establishment.

Aktas Holding Chief Executive Officer Iskender Ulusay, who spoke at a night hosted by the Crowne Plaza, said that the company closed the year 2018 over their target.

"Every moment of this 80-year-old success story is full of pride and effort" said Ulusay and continued: "Our company, which carries out its activities in many fields such as Automotive, Construction, Industry, Defense Industry and Rail Systems, continues its activities on a world scale with 7 production and storage facilities in total. Today, we have become a company where the sun is always shining. As of today, from the United States to China, from Germany to Brazil, we continue to create added value on a world scale. Our company sells its products in more than 100 countries on 6 continents and uses a market share of 17% in its sector in the world."

It represents Turkey in the best manner in global competition

Emphasizing that Aktas Holding, founded with 100 percent domestic capital, is the company which has the largest product range in the independent spare parts group, Ulusay states: "With the innovative and efficiency-based products developed as a result of R&D studies, we, as Aktas Holding, we strive to represent Turkey in global competition in the best way. Since the first day as a company, we favor the approach giving priority to domestic and national production. With this awareness, we supply more than 60 percent of the raw materials and parts used in our production processes from the domestic market. Most of our turnover is the result of our exports. Our Airtech brand is part of the Turquality Support Program. This program makes serious contribution to global competition."

Investment plans in the US, India and Russia

Ulusay emphasized that they closed the end of 2018 with a turnover of 100 million dollars as a group total and continued: "In our total business volume, we are planning a growth of 70% in line with demand in overseas markets. We expect new production investments in America, India or Russia. While we develop the machines we use, we have these machines made by Turkish machinery industry. Furthermore, as Aktas Holding, we are the biggest supplier of 1,000 pond projects planned until 2025. In addition, we save 3 percent of our turnover for R&D, which we attach great importance to in the last 8 years. And in the next five years, we aim to increase our turnover to $ 250 million. In 2022 or 2023, we have the idea of offering our company to the public."

On the other hand, CHP Bursa deputy Yuksel Ozkan, Karacabey Mayor Ali Ozkan, ISKUR (Turkish Employment Agency) Provincial Director Eren Turkmen, SSI Provincial Director Erhan Karaca, RUMELISIAD (Executive Businessmen and Industrialists Association of Rumeli) Chairman Omer Kumova and Board of Directors members, MIB (Metal Workers Association) President Ahmet Özkayan, TAYSAD (Vehicle Suppliers Association) General Coordinator Suheyl Baybali and TKYD (Corporate Governance Association of Turkey) Chairman Ali Pandir, along with important names of business, politics and society have participated in this organization.

Aktas Holding 80th Year Gala Dinner lasted until the late hours of the night with the Alba Orchestra.



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