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Aktaş Holding, which has provided added value to the country and global economy since its foundation by the deceased Sait AKTAŞ as a small workshop in 1938, has an understanding dominated by sustainable development and quality, whereby values and produced and kept alive.

Today, Aktaş Holding reached a position operating on 6 continents with its products sold in more than 100 countries and among the major firms of the world in their field also with the contribution of expertise in the field of rubber.

Aktaş Holding, established in Bursa and currently among the most widespread groups of companies of Turkey in geographical terms, reveals its difference through its market share reached 20 percent in its sector and its successes in the field of R&D in the world.

Aktaş Holding also develops its activities with its productions specifically for the defence industry in addition to the fields of activity such as transport & automotive, structure, industrial.

Aktaş Holding makes the sense of confidence achieved by it worldwide as sustainable and establishes strong communications with all its employees, stakeholders and target audience in the framework of sincerity by keeping the business ethics in the foreground.

The key goal of Aktaş Holding is to make this strong link as permanent with strategic steps and maintain the understanding giving value to innovation and values.

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