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Varied air suspension systems are produced such as roll, piston-free, complete, multi-layered, cabinet to be used in tow trucks/ trucks/ buses/ trailers/ semi-trailers within the organization of Aktaş Holding.

We see that while the tow truck/truck air suspension spring was generally used in trucks and trailer trucks with high tonnage (>16t.), its use in the trailer group vehicles and tow trucks with medium tonnage (7.5 - 16t.) has increased presently. We produce the air suspension springs for use of them in varied parts of vehicles such as in front, rear and axle of trailers and in tow truck axle of towing trucks.

Springs covered by plate sheet named metal spring are used in trucks, tow trucks, trailers. In this type of spring, a plate sheet covered on the spring connects the spring with the frame. Connection with the piston is, however, made via a sub-bowl or independent tension sheet vulcanized on the spring for connection with the axle. These products are produced in a cylindrical or conic form.

The bus air suspension springs were derived from the need for improving the driving comfort by absorbing librations, vibrations and sudden shocks in buses caused by structure of roads almost 50 years ago and the air suspension spring is used in almost all buses in Europe. We produce the air suspension springs to meet the requirements for more comfortable driving and more optimum loading on vehicles.

The type of spring generally preferred for buses and light commercial vehicles is the roll springs. The roll springs are the springs having ultra spring sensitiveness. They provide extremely comfortable suspension reaching high strokes without any increase in the operating diameter due to their long product lengths generally. The plates and pistons produced in appropriate diameter and conic form may be easily mounted and demount to/from these products with both connection necks being conic. However, the direction of the conic part with a narrow diameter must be mounted on the piston (axle-lower) and its direction with a wide diameter must be mounted on the plate (frame-upper) in the types produced in a conic form.

There are varied operating pressure intervals, connection heights, operating spaces, operating frequencies and lifting forces for different areas of use.

The air suspension springs in buses both ensures high driving comfort for passengers and enables to keep the vehicle height at the same and desired level during the travel. In addition, the air suspension springs allows for tilting and lowering the bus to enable passengers to get on and get off easily. It is generally required to mount two air suspension springs on the front axle and four air suspension springs on the rear axle

The air suspension springs of trailers /semi-trailers are preferred and used to prevent loaded cargo and ensure driving safety by preventing adverse effects to arise from structure of the road such as libration, tilting, jumping, roaming. In addition, the air suspension springs are proven to protect the vehicle and load better than the steel leaf spring systems.

In general, while there are two air suspension springs in each axle, there is lifting spring in one axle in vehicles with multiple axles in order to prevent the tires when the vehicle is empty.

Secondary suspension; The main objective of Aktaş Holding is to consolidate this strong bond through strategic moves and to maintain its innovative and value-oriented approach.

Through high technology and quality workforce, Aktaş conveyed its experience of many years in air suspension systems to tracks and made investments in this field. The work with train bellows system was initiated in 2008 with the installation of the bellows to the pneumatic secondary suspension systems in ABB vehicles of Istanbul Transportation Company for testing purposes. Upon successful completion of the testing process, Aktaş established a professional team and production area in mid-2011 for the production and testing of secondary suspension systems. With these investments, Aktaş has made history as the first company that produces train bellows in Turkey."

Aktaş is not a company that only provides service to local market in rail systems suspension systems sector. It also continues its activities with high energy to become a global player.

Aktaş Global Companies

Aktaş Air Suspension Systems, Bursa, Turkey

Aktaş, bearing the same name with Aktaş Holding, is our first and most widespread trademark under which we make production mostly for domestic spring market with our high market share. Production of roll spring, spring being complete without piston commonly used in Turkey is made under this trademark for the automotive first users and spare part sector. More than 90 parameters are controlled during the entire production process under the quality procedures strictly monitored starting from raw material entries up to the final shipment step.

Year of Foundation: 1999
Location: OSB Ali Osman Sönmez Bulvarı No:13/A Nilüfer Bursa 16140 TÜRKİYE
Field of Activity: Spring, Rubber Paste, Cord Fabric, Membrane Production
Tel: +90 224 300 00 00 
Fax: +90 224 300 00 99
E-Mail: info@aktasholding.com
Web: www.aktasholding.com

Techno Aktaş, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Techno Aktas AD, the facilities of Aktaş Holding started its operations in Bulgaria on May 19, 2008. There is a logistics depot on an area of 850 m2 in addition to the indoor production area on 4500 m2 in the facilities in which the Air Suspension Springs and EPDM Insulation Membranes of Aktaş Holding are produced as a location making export to the European continent generally.

Year of Foundation: 2007
Location: Plovdiv /Bulgaristan
Field of Activity: Suspension Spring Production
Tel: +359 32 279 500
Fax: +359 32 279 501
E-Mail: info@technoaktas.com
Web: www.technoaktas.com

LFT Germany GmbH, Köln, Germany

LFT Germany, LFT GmbH, located in Cologne/Dormagen, Germany, was established at the beginnings of 2000. Our firm carries out the activities of sales, marketing, logistics and storage the products of Aktaş Holding in Europe. LFT Germany realizes the activities of import and export to all European Union countries on in indoor area of 1000 m2 with unconditional customer satisfaction.

Year of Foundation: 2000
Location: Kruppstrasse 2a, 41540 Dormagen/Germany
Field of Activity: Automotive Spare Part Sales Marketing
Tel: +49 21 33 263 100
Fax: +49 21 33 263 101
E-Mail: info@airsprings.de
Web: www.airsprings.de

Aktas North America, Chicago, USA

Our firm which started to operate in Chicago district of the US in 2009 carries out the activities of sales, marketing, logistics and storage the products of Aktaş Holding throughout the North America, in particular the US.

Year of Foundation: 2009
Location: 7095 Barry St. Rosemont IL 60018 USA
Field of Activity: Automotive Spare Part Sales Marketing
Tel: +1 877 662 58 27
Fax: +1 866 518 38 12
E-Mail: airtech@aktasna.com
Web: www.aktasna.com

Ankeshu Rubber Technology, Huzhuo, China

Ankeshu, one of the companies of Aktaş Holding, started to operate by producing springs in China in 2009. Ankeshu, one of the newest members of Aktaş Holding, one of the leading firms of the world in spring production and driving power of the sector, continues its activities by reflecting its modern structure to all of its stakeholders.

Year of Foundation: 2009
Location: Huzhuo, China
Field of Activity: Suspension Spring Production
Tel: + 86 572 661 28 83
E-Mail: info@aktasholding.com
Web: www.aktasholding.com

Aktaş Free Zone, Bursa, Turkey

Aktaş Free Zone, Aktaş Free Zone, established with its processes developed and technological integration completed in line with the future vision of Aktaş Holding in Gemlik Free Zone in 2002, is the new power of Aktaş Holding in production. It operates in an indoor area of 6000 m2. Aktaş Free Zone, one of our firms realizing spring production, is the leading face of Aktaş Holding thanks to its new production technologies and increased capacity.

Year of Foundation: 2002
Location: Free Zone Gemlik / BURSA
Field of Activity: Suspension Spring Production
Tel: +90 224 524 85 71
Faks: +90 224 524 85 70
E-Mail: info@aktasholding.com
Web: www.aktasholding.com

Aktaş Holding, Bursa, Turkey

Aktaş Holding, founded with tire repair in a small workshop in 1938, is a group of companies having production facilities all across the world, with its products sold in more than 90 countries, having the widest product range of the world on the market of independent spare part, included among the top three firms in the world in the sector of air suspension systems. Aktaş aims at being the global leader in 2023.

Aktaş Holding, which groups its activities in 3 main strategic areas including transport, green energy and construction, operates with its production and logistics centers in Bulgaria, Germany, China, Brazil, US in addition to Turkey


Year of Foundation: 1938
Location: Bursa, Turkey
Field of Activity: Transport, Green Energy, Construction
Tel: +90 224 300 00 00
Faks: +90 224 300 00 99
E-Mail: info@aktasholding.com
Web: www.aktasholding.com
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